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There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

This website is still under construction so more information to follow.  

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Rescue Services Rutland - Who we are


 We are a VOLUNTARY group, who through a common interest in motor sport safety have come together to form several self-financed specialist units for use at virtually all types of organised 4 wheel motor sports events run throughout the UK.  


These voluntary units are located at various locations around the UK and will happily cover all areas of the UK.  For details of units on the Rescue Services inventory please use the CONTACT form below and we'll deal with your inquiry as quickly as we can.

 For more information see our Services Page 

Support available for Motorsport organisation


  In addition for motor sport organisers who want a more complete motor sports safety package we can also field:

An MSUK licensed Clerk of the Course – Stage Rally National B
An MSUK licensed Clerk of the Course – Speed National B
An MSUK trainer
An MSUK Buddy Trainer
An MSUK licensed radio controller (Kestrel control) for single and multi-venue events

RSR's Wide range of support vehicles


  1 MSUK licensed Rescue Ambulance:
Cobalt Rescue [4x4 Land Rover 130 based]
2 MSUK licensed (heavy) Recovery units of:
Rutland Recovery [4x4 Land Rover 110 based]
Tiger Recovery [4x4 Land Rover Discovery  based]

  1 Ambulance (Event Medical Unit): 

Emu [4x2 Renault Master] 

2 MSUK licensed Radio Cars:

Platinum Radio [4x4 Rav4  based]

Forest 19 [4x4 Land Rover 110 based]


1 MSUK licensed Stage Safety Unit:
Sandy Response [4x4 Land Rover 110 based]

For more information see our Units Page

Other events we cover


The skills sets, specifically but not inclusive of medical cover, involved in motorsport can be widely transferred to other sports. 

We also provide Event Medical and Safety Cover for Equestrian events and other outdoor events. 

For more information see our Events Page

Motorsport Rescue Volunteering and Training



If you have the ability to cope with a fairly steep learning curve, gaining experience with mechanical cutting plus medical stabilisation & extrication devices amongst many other specialist motor sport rescue skills. Is prepared to give up one or two days per month to training / crewing and gain experience on a rescue unit / stage safety unit at motor sports events varying from Autocross to Race, through Rally and Speed including Competition Safari’s and Hill Rallies across England, Wales and Scotland. Once assessed and gaining full license accreditation, converting the same number of days (or greater if so desired) to unit crewing, this maybe for you.

What's Involved in Rescue Training?


You must be a minimum of 18 years and be prepared to attend a Rescue Introductory Day (RID) to see how everybody gets on with each other. Here you will play with the rescue unit equipment to get a better idea of what it’s all about. If everyone’s happy, apply for acceptance to train.

For more details see our Volunteer Training Page

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Rescue Services Rutland

Based in the county of Rutland, which has the latin motto: 'Multum in Parvo' which means 'Much in Little', a reflection of what we do.

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